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EPISODE 3  Grandpa's Trunk



Useful Language

express excitement:表示兴奋

I am so excited!

I'm very excited about his arrival.

talk about a future event at a specific point in time:谈论未来特定时间的事

At this time tomorrow morning, Grandpa will be sitting in the kitchen with us.

talk about future schedules:谈论未来安排

When does he arrive?

express approval or agreement:表示赞同

That's for sure.

That's a neat idea.

express admiration:表示饮佩

He's something!

express an opinion or belief:表示意见或信念

I think

I believe

I guess

In my opinion

I bet

I suppose

say two people are alike:说两人相似

She always reminds him of Grandma.

ask indirectly about something:间接询问

We were just wondering about this trunk. (= What's inside this trunk?)

offer help:提议协助

Let me help you with this.

ask for help:请求协助

Would you kindly hold these keys?

tell someone not to hurry:告诉对方不必急

Take your time.

express similarities:表示相同、一致

I am, too.

respond to good news:道贺


express excitement about a future event:为未来某事兴奋

I can't wait to see them!

say something doesn't bother someone:说某人不在乎某事

Some people don't mind being alone.

wish someone a happy visit:祝对方来访愉快

Have a good stay.

invite someone to visit you:邀对方来访

Please look us up.

accept an invitation:接受邀请

You name the day.

talk about a memory after seeing something or someone:睹物(人)怀旧

This [picture] really brings back memories.

express regret:表不遗憾

I'm sorry Susan isn't here.

say you are pleased to see someone:表示高兴见对方

I'm sure glad you're here.

I'm so happy to see you!

wish someone a good night's sleep:祝对方睡得好

Pleasant dreams.

express a similarity:表示相同处

You look just like Grandma.




In the Stewarts' house one morning. Ellen and Marilyn are preparing breakfast in the kitchen.

Ellen:[she takes the tea kettle1 off the stove.]

Marilyn, you want coffee or tea2?

Marilyn:Coffee, please.

Ellen:I am so excited3!At this time tommorrow morning Grandpa will be sitting4 in the kitchen with us.

Marilyn:When does he arrive?5

Ellen:At six o'clock this evening.

Marilyn:By plane?6

Ellen:No,by train.

Marilyn:Are we picking him up7 at the station?

Ellen:Not Grandpa. He doesn't want anybody picking him up.He likes to be independent8.


Ellen:Oh,let's go upstairs and prepare Grandpa's room.

Marilyn:Great!Let's do it!

[Ellen and Marilyn get up to leave.Richard and Robbie enter the  kitchen.]

Richard:Good morning, Mom.


Ellen:Well,hi, fellas11.





Marilyn:We're going upstairs to set up13 Grandpa's room. There's coffee ready.

[Ellen and Marilyn go upstairs.Richard and Robbie begin to make breakfast.]

Robbie:I'm really excited about seeing Grandpa.

Richard:Me,too.[to Robbie] Milk,please.

Robbie:He's so funny.He always makes me laugh.I hope Grandpa's going to like living with us.

Richard:I think he will.It just takes time to feel comfortable in a new place.

Robbie:Won't he miss14 being in Florida?

Richard:Well,he will. But I  think he'll like being here with the family.

Robbie:Are you sure about that?It's crazy15 here most of the time.

Richard:But it's fun.16

Robbie:That's for surs.17

Richard:You know, maybe I'll put together some photos of Grandpa as a“welcome”present.

Robbie:That‘s a neat18 idea.What can I do?[He thinks.]I've got it!19 I have a picture of Grandpa and Dad and me in my wallet20. It's from the Fathers and Sons' Breakfast at my junior high school21  graduation22.[He takes out his wallet and shows the picture to Richard.]

Richard:[He looks at the picture.]Oh,I remember this picture.

Robbie:I'd really like to pick up Grandpa at the railroad23 station.

Richard:Railroad stations or airports----Grandpa always tells us he'll get here by himself24.

Robbie:He's something25!

Upstairs in the Stewarts' home. Ellen and Marilyn are preparing Grandpa's room.

Marilyn:[She points to the trunk26.] Is this all Grandpa's stuff?

Ellen:That's it.But I'm sure he has a few bags27 with him on the train.

Marilyn:What's inside?

Ellen:I don't know.It's locked.28

Philip:[He enters.]Hi.

Ellen:Oh,hi, darling.


Philip:I want to put some of my good hangers29 in Grandpa's closet30.You know I'm very excited about his arrival.Ellen:We are, too.31 Susan called early this morning.She's unhappy because she's had to go to Chicago on a business trip and can't leave till32 tonight. She wants to be here for Grandpa.

Philip:Well, Grandpa will be disappointed33, too. He loves Susan. She always reminds him of Grandma.34 Well,how's everything here?

Marilyn:Fine.We were just wondering35 about this trunk.

Ellen:It's locked.

Philip:Oh[He takes a key from his pocket.]I have the key. Grandpa sent it to me.[He tries to put the key into the lock of the trunk.]





1.tea kettle:水壶。

2.You want coffee or tea?=Do you want coffee or tea? 你要咖啡还是要茶?这是选择疑问句。


3.excited:nervous but happy about something.兴奋的,激动的。

4. will be sitting:将坐在。动词的将来进行时可表示在将来某一时刻或某段时间正在进行的动作。

例如:This  time  tomorrow I  will be flying to Shanghai。

5.When does he arrive?=When will he arrive?他什么时候到?现在一般时可表示安排或计划好的将来的动作(常用come,go,arrive,leave等动词),例如:When does he leave for Hong Kong?

6.by plane:乘飞机。用介词by表示交通方式,如:by train(乘火车),by boat(乘船),by bus(乘公共汽车),by taxi(乘出租汽车)。

7.picking(him) up:去接(他)。pick up是短语动词。短语动词是由动词与介词或副词组成的固定词组,如 set up,look for等。在本文中可以说pick him up,pick Grandpe up或 pick up Grandpa。

8. independent:独立的,不依赖的,有主见的。

9.Huh.哦。此处表示 Marilyn正在思考。

10. Morning.=Good morning. 早上好!早安!


12.honey:darling; dear.亲爱的;宝贝儿。这是对关系亲近者的昵称。可用于女人对男人,男人对女人或女人之间,但不用于男人之间。

13.set up:to prepare; make ready.准备;收拾。 set up与 pick up一样也是短语动词。还可以说 set Grandpa's room up。

14.miss:to feel sad when remembering something you liked or loved and don't have now. 想念。


16.But it's fun.但是很有趣。 fun:乐趣。

17.That's for sure.=I agree with you about that.我同意你的看法。这是一种口语式的表达方式。

18. neat:great,fine.好,妙。这是一种口语式的表达方式。

19.I've got it!=I've an idea!我有一个主意了。

20.wallet:a small leather case usually carried by a man for holding paper money. (男人装钱用的)皮夹子。

21. junior high school:初中。高中:senior high  school, 中学:high school, secondary school。

22. graduation:completing studies at a school. 毕业。

23.railroad:train.铁路。美国英语说 railroad station,英国英语说 railway station。

24.by himself:alone.独自。介词by还可以和myself, yourself, herself, itself, ourselves, yourselves和themselves连用,也是“独自”的意思。

25. something:great; wonderful.了不起。这是一种口语的用法。



28.It's locked.箱子锁着哩。



31.We are, too.=We are also very excited.我们也一样(兴奋)。当too在句尾时,有时不必重复它前面的每个词,例如:Ellen wants to prepare Grandpa's room, and Marilyn does, too.在这一句中 does指“wants to prepare Grandpa's room”。


33.disappointed:not satisfied; feeling that something is not as you hoped or wished.失望,不满意,不如意。

34.She always reminds him of Grandma. =Susan always makes him think of Grandma because Susan looks like her. 她总使爷爷想起奶奶。

35.wondering:asking ourselves; thinking.想知道;纳闷。





2.美国人很重视 privacy。一般情况下不轻易打听别人的私事,未经许可也决不轻易动用他人物品。


下面是 Focus In的文字部分,供参考




He doesn't want anybody picking him up.He likes to beindependent.

I think that's good.He's got his own way of doing things.

He likes to take care of himself.

I guess you're right.

He's so funny. He always makes me laugh.

I guess he has a good sense of humor.

Yeah, I bet he's a lot of fun.

Grandpa always tells us he'll get here by himself.

He's something.

In my opinion, he's a very special man. What do you think?

Well, I believe I'm going to like him. But…

But what?

Won't he miss being in Florida?

Well, he will. But I  think he'll like being here with the family.

I suppose he'll miss his home in Florida and his independence.

I suppose you're right.But what about you?

What do you think?

What kind of man is Grandpa? What do you imagine he's like?

Why is he moving away from Florida? And how dbes he feel about moving to Riverdale?

What do you think?

Let's see.

What do you think?










1.Ellen:He doesn't want anybody picking him up.

a.I  guess he's independent.

b.I guess he's not a happy person.

2.Robbie:He's so funny.

a.I bet he doesn't like to laugh.

b.I bet people laugh when they are with him.

3.Richard:…I think he'll like being here with the family.

a.I suppose he enjoys being with them.

b.I  suppose he doesn't want to live with them.





1.“At this time tomorrow morning, Grandpa will be sitting in the kitchen with us. ”

2.“I hope Grandpa's going to like living with us.”

3.“You know,maybe I'll put together some photos of Grandpa as a ‘welcome’present. ”

4.“I want to put some of my good hangers in Grandpa's closet.”

5.“We were just wondering  about this trunk.”


《走遍美国》-(课堂教学版)-上册-03 - 苍狼 - 苍狼






1.Robbie:I'm really excited about seeing Grandpa.

a.I'm very happy that Grandpa is coming.

b.I'm angry that Grandpa is coming to live here.

2.______:He always makes me laugh.

a.Grandpa is a happy man.

b.Grandpa tells a lot of jokes.

3.______:It just takes time to feel comfortable in a new place.

a.Grandpa will not have any problems when he comes to live with the Stewarts.

b.Sometimes people are unhappy for a few weeks or months in a new city or house.

4.______:Won't he miss being in Florida?

a.Maybe he will be sorry that he left Florida.

b.Maybe he will like New York better than Florida.

5.______:It's crazy here most of the time.

a.The family members are very busy,and they come and go at different times of the day.

b.The family members are very noisy, and they shout and scream at each other.

6.______:That's a neat idea.

a.That's a great idea.

b.That's a terrible idea.




On an Amtrak1  train the same day. The train is traveling from Florida to New York City. Grandpa is sitting on the train.A woman puts her suitcase on the seat next to him.

Elsa:Excuse me.Is this seat taken?2

Grandpa:No,It's not taken.

Elsa:Oh,thank you.

Grandpa:Oh,let me help you with this.[He puts her suitcase in  the overhead rack.]

Elsa:Oh,thank you.

Grandpa:Do you want to sit by3  the window?

Elsa:No,no, no.I like the aisle4 seat better.

Please, you sit by the window.

[They sit down.]

Grandpa:My name is Stewart…Malcolm Stewart.Pleased to meet you.[They shake hands.]

Elsa:I'm Elsa Tobin.How do you do?

Grandpa:Do you live in New York?

Elsa:No,no.I'm from Florida.

Grandpa:I am,too.5 But didn't you just get on6?

Elsa:No, no.I just changed my seat.A man next to me was smoking,and smoke really bothers7 me.Where are you from in Florida?

Grandpa:Titusville.It's near Orlando.

Elsa:Small world.8 I'm  from Titusville,too.

Grandpa:Really? What part?

Elsa:My husband and I  live near Spaceport.

Grandpa:I know that area. My house is only a few miles9 from Spaceport.Do you still live there?

Elsa:Oh yes, yes. My husband's there now. He couldn't take time off10 to come to New York with me. Do you still live there?

Grandpa:No.I sold the house and the furniture11, put a few personal12 things in an old trunk, and shipped13 it to my children in New York.

That's my destination14.

Elsa:Are you married?15

Grandpa:My wife died four years ago. She was a wonderful woman. A real friend.

Elsa:I'm sorry.Really,I'm sorry.

Grandpa:Lots of wonderful memories16. We were married almost fifty17 years. Well,fortyseven,to be exact18.

Elsa:John and celebrate19  our fortieth anniversary20 next month.

Grandpa:Oh, congratulations21! That's nice. What does John do?

Elsa:He's an aerospace22 engineer and works for Orlando Aircraft Corporation23. He started with them almost forty years ago.  What do you do?

Grandpa:I just retired24. Had my own company.25 A construction company.26 Roads,27 bridges,28 big stuff. But I just sold it and retired.

[A conductor walks over to them.He asks to see Mrs.Tobin's ticket.]

Conductor:Excuse me, ma'am. Ticket, please.

Elsa:[to Grandpa]Would you kindly29 hold these keys, please?I have a ticket,I know,I was in the smoking section.

Conductor:It's OK,lady30.Take your time.31


Grandpa:I'm sure it's in your purse32, Mrs. Tobin.

Elsa:Oh, here it is.[She finds the ticket in her handbag and gives it to the conductor.]

[The conductor moves on.]

Grandpa:And here are your keys.

Elsa:Thank you.

Grandpa:Do you have family in New York?

Elsa:No, no.But I do have very close friends in New York City. We like to go to the theater together.You said you have family in New York.

Grandpa:Yes, indeed.33 A son and his wife and their three children----my grandchildren.

Elsa:You must be34 excited.

Grandpa:I can't  wait35 to see them!

Elsa:Are you going to live with them?



Grandpa:Well…they want me to, but it's too early to know for sure.I'm pretty independent.I  tried to teach my kids37 the importance of independence, but I'm not sure I want to be alone.Some people don't mind38 being alone.I do.

Elsa:I understand. But tell me. Why did you stop working?

Grandpa:I retired because …I wanted to be with my family.I didn't want to be alone anymore!





1.Amtrak:a train company, with  trains traveling between cities in the United States. Amtrak是火车公司的名字,一般译为“美国火车公司”。The name Amtrak comes from the word American,travel and track. Amtrak是由三个词组合而成的:American,travel和track。

2.Is this seat taken?=Is someone sitting here? 这里有人坐吗?

3.by:next to.靠。

4.aisle:the place to walk between rows of seats. 过道,走廊。

5.I am,too.=I am from Florida, too.我也是(从佛罗里达来)。

6.get on:to enter.上车,上。 get on可用于火车、公共汽车、飞机等。

7. bother:annoy or trouble. 打扰,烦扰。

8.Small world. =It's a small world. 世界真小。

You can use this expression if you are far from home and you meet someone who lives near you. 当你出远门遇见了来自故乡的人时,这句话就派上用场了。

9.miles:英里。one kilometer=0.6214mile,or about 5/8 mile.1公里=0.6214英里,大约5/8 英里。

10.take time off:not go to work; stay away from work. 不上班。 take off是一个短语动词。



13. shipped:sent:运,寄。

14. destination:the place where you plan to arrive at the end of a trip. 目的地。

15.Are you married?你结婚了吗?

16. wonderful memories:美好的记忆。

17.fifty:50。fifty 的重音在第一个音节,而fifteen 的重音在第二音节。

18.to be exact:exactly. 准确地。

19. celebrate:庆祝。

20. anniversary:周年纪念。 a wedding anniversary;the date on which someone was married.这里指结婚纪念日。

21.Congratulations!=That's great! 太好了,恭喜你,祝贺你。 Say congratulations to people when they tell you good news about themselves. 当别人告诉你他的喜讯时,你就说 congratulations。

22. aerospece:航空。

23. Orlando Aircraft Corporation:奥兰多飞机制造公司。aircraft:飞机,飞行器。

24. retired:stopped working, usually because of old age. 退休。通常是因年老而停止工作。

25.Had my own company.=I had my own company. 我有自己的公司。这句话表示 Grandpa曾经是这家公司的老板。

26.construction company:a business for building things.建筑公司。

27. roads:streets; highways. 道路。

28. bridges:桥梁。

29. Would you kindly…?= Please…麻烦您,请您……。

use this phrase to begin a formal request.这个短语用于正式的、客气的请求。

30. lady:夫人,女士。

31. Take your time.=It is not necessary to hurry. 慢慢来,别着急。

32.purse:handbag, pocketbook.(通常女用)钱包。

33. Yes,indeed.=That's true.对,没错。

34.must be:obviously are.显然。

35.I can't wait.=I am excited. 我很兴奋,我很激动。

36. permanently:with no plan to change. 长时期,一直,不再变动地。

37. kids:children.孩子们。 This is an informal word.


38. mind:to care about.在意,在乎。







下面是Focus In的文字部分,供参考




“What's your name?”

My name is Stewart… Malcolm  Stewart.

“Pleased to meet you. What's your name?”

I'm Elsa Tobin. How do you do?

“How do you do? Where do you live?”

In  Titusville.

“Where do you live?”

Small world. I'm from  Titusville, too.

“It's a small, small world. How do you do? Are you married? Yes or no? Please tell me. Let me know. ”

John and I celebrate our 40th anniversary next month.

“Congratulations. Congratuations. What do you do? Are you a doctor, a farmer, a mailman, a lawyer, an artist, a salesman, a business man or a preacher, a high school  teacher?”

I just retired.

“Do you have family in New York?”


“Do you have family in New York?”

Yes, indeed.

“I'm pleased to meet you. Pleased to meet you. How do you do?I'm pleased to meet you. ”









下面是 Grandpa与 Elsa Tobin的对话片断。请从方框中选出合适的答案填在横线上。

1.Grandpa:My name is Stewart… Malcolm Stewart.


Eisa:I'm Eisa Tobin. How do you do?


Grandpa:My wife died four years ago.

3. Eisa:__________________in Florida?

Grandpa:Titusville. It's near Orlando.

4.Eisa:John and I celebrate our fortieth anniversary nextmonth.



Eisa:No, no But I do have very close friends in New York City.


《走遍美国》-(课堂教学版)-上册-03 - 苍狼 - 苍狼






□1.Eisa Tobin changed seats because a man was smoking.

□2.Eisa never lived outside Florida.

□3.Grandpa and Eisa are from the same town.

□4.Eisa's husband isn't traveling with her because he had to work.

□5.Grandpa sold his house to a young couple.

□6.Grandpa's wife died at the age of 61.

□7.Grandpa was married for 47 years.

□8.Eisa's husband is an engineer.

□9. Grandpa recently retired.






《走遍美国》-(课堂教学版)-上册-03 - 苍狼 - 苍狼


《走遍美国》-(课堂教学版)-上册-03 - 苍狼 - 苍狼





阅读下面各句,看每句中划线部分的句子可从 WORD AND PHRASE BOX中分别选用哪句来替换。请将答案写在划线句子的下方。


《走遍美国》-(课堂教学版)-上册-03 - 苍狼 - 苍狼


1.Grandpa tells Mrs. Tobin that he's from Titusville, Florida. She says,“What a coincidence! I'm from Titusville, too. ”


2.Eisa tells Grandpa that her husband isn't traveling with her because he couldn't stay away from work.


3.Eisa says that she will soon celebrate her fortieth wedding anniversary. Grandpa says, “That's great!”


4.Grandpa sent his things to New York. “That's where I'm going. ”


5.As Mrs. Tobin look for her ticket, the conductor says, “There's no need to hurry. ”





请从 WORD BOX中选出合适的词为下面各句填空。


《走遍美国》-(课堂教学版)-上册-03 - 苍狼 - 苍狼





1.Do you have family in New York?

2.Yes, indeed. A______and his ______and their three children----my ______.

3.I ______to see them!


5.Well…they want me to, but it's too early to know for sure. I'm pretty______. I tried to teach my______the importance of______, but I'm not sure Iwant to be______. Some people don't mind being alone. I do.

6.I ______because…I  wanted to be with my family. I didn't want to be alone anymore!




1.No, no. But I do have very close friends in New York City. We like to go to the theater together. You said you have family in New York.

2.You must be______.

3.Are you going to live with them?


5.I ______. But tell me. Why did you stop working?




On the Amtrak train later that day. The train is arriving in New York City.

Voice:Ladies and gentlemen, Amtrak is happy to announce1 our arrival in New York City. The train will be stopping in five minutes. Please check to be sure you have your belongings2. And have a good stay in the Big Apple3. Thanks.

Eisa:Well, here we are. It was so nice meeting you, Mr. Stewart.

Grandpa:And nice meeting you, too, Mrs. Tobin. Please look us up4. We're in the phone book. 5 Dr. Philip Stewart, in Riverdale.

Eisa:Your son?

Grandpa:That's right. And have a good time in New York.

Eisa:And don't be so independent. You're very lucky to have a caring family.

[Grandpa nods his head. ]

In the Stewarts'living room that evening. The family is speaking with Grandpa after his long trip6.

Robbie:When can we go fishing?

Grandpa:Robbie, we'll go fishing soon, and we'll take your dad with us.

Philip:I'm ready, Grandpa. You name the day. 7

Ellen:That's a great idea, Grandpa! Philip needs a day off8.

Robbie:[to Richard] Let's give him our presents----now.

Richard:Good idea.

Grandpa:Presents----for me?

Richard:[He gives his present to Grandpa. ] From me and Marilyn.

Robbie:And this one's from me. I looked all over the house9 to find it.

Grandpa:[He unwraps 10 the presents. They contain 11photographs of him with the family. ] Richard, these are terrific pictures. This one really brings back memories12. You remember that day, Robbie?

Robbie:I sure do. It was fun.

Grandpa:[He looks at a photo of himself and Susan. ]Oh, I'm sorry Susan isn't here. I miss her very much.

Ellen:She feels bad, too, Grandpa. She called to say the plane was delayed13. You know airports.

Grandpa:I can't wait to see her. She looks just like Grandma at that age. I'd better unpack14. I started traveling twenty-four hours ago. [He gets up. ] I'm not so young anymore.

Ellen:Don't you want something to eat?

Grandpa:No, thanks. After a good night's sleep, I'll  enjoy breakfast even more.

Philip:Well, come on, Dad. Ellen and I'll take you to your room.

Robbie:I'm sure glad you're here, Grandpa.

Richard:Good night, Grandpa.

Marilyn:Pleasant dreams. 15

[The family leaves the living room . Ellen, Philip , and Grandpa go upstairs to Grandpa's room. ]

Grandpa:Philip, do you have the key to the trunk?

Philip:I have the key, but it doesn't work16. [He gives the key to Grandpa . ]

Grandpa:[He tries the key, but it doesn't unlock the trunk. ] I sent the wrong key. [He then finds the right key in his pocket and unlocks the trunk. ] I have something for you. I made it myself. I think you'll enjoy it. [ He takes something from the trunk and gives it to Philip . ] I researched17 it for over a year. It's our family tree18.

Ellen:[She looks at it. ] Oh, Grandpa! How exciting!19

Philip:Fabulous?20 Why, 21 I didn't know that your grandfather was born in Germany.

Grandpa:Lots of interesting information22 about our family. A gift from me.

Ellen:Thank you so much. [ She hugs Grandpa . ]

Susan:[ She rushes into the room . ] Grandpa! Grandpa! Oh, Grandpa, I'm so happy to see you! [ She hugs Grandpa . ]

Grandpa:[ He looks at her. ] Oh, you look so beautiful, Susan. My granddaughter. Like I always said, you look just like Grandma.

Philip:[ to Grandpa] I think you're going to be very happy here with us.

Ellen:I know you will.

Grandpa:I don't feel alone anymore. 23






2. belongings:personal things. 行李。

3.the Big Apple:New York City. 纽约。

4.look (us) up:call or visit (us). 与(我们)联系,到(我们)家里来玩。

5.We're in the phone book. =You can find our address and telephone number in the telephone book.你可以在电话簿中找到我们家的地址和电话号码。


7.You name the day. =Tell me which day. 你说哪天吧。

8.a day off:a day away from the job. 休息一天,休一天假。

9.all over the house:everywhere. in the house. 屋子里的每个角落。



12.brings back memories:makes me think about past times. 使我想起了过去的岁月。

13.delayed:made late. 误点,耽误。


15.Pleasant dreams. =Sleep well. 睡得好。Use this phrase when someone is going to bed. =在别人准备就寝前说这个短语。

16.but it doesn't work:但它打不开。 work的意思是“起作用,行得通,有效”。如:The plan worked very well. 这项计划很成功。I don't think your idea will work. 我想你的主意行不通。

17.researched:studied carefully to get facts and information. 调查,研究。

18.family tree:a chart of a person's family history. 家谱,家族的历史。

19.How exciting!= That's very exciting. 真棒,妙极了。


21.Why, 你看。Why is not a question word here. Why at the beginning of a sentence sometimes shows surprise. This is a formal use. 此处 why 不是疑问词。why用在句首表示惊讶。这是一种正式用法。

22.information:资料;情况,信息。注意 information 是不可数名词,表示许多情况、信息时不加-s。

23.I don't feel alone anymore. 我再也不感到孤单了。





2.美国人有时喜欢送给久别重逢的亲友一个 welcome present表示对他们的欢迎。所以 Stewart 一家送给 Grandpa family's welcome present 来表示他们对他的爱。



下面是 Focus In的文字部分,供参考




Malcolm Stewart is not alone anymore. That's for sure. In fact, he'll have his family around him every day of his life now. Finding some peace and quiet may be a little difficult. But my father won't be lonely anymore. He has me, Philip Stewart, nearby and the rest of his family. He has Ellen, his daughter-in-law. You know I met Ellen when I was a student of the University of Michigan. Later she became my wife. We have three children now. Our oidest son is a photographer. Richard is very talented, like his grandfather. Marilyn is talented too. She designs clothing. Marilyn is Richard's wife and she's also a sister-in-law to Susan. Susan is my daughter. Susan reminds us of her grandmother, Bernice Cassidy Stewart, my mother. She was kind, intelligent and loveable, like Susan. Susan has two brothers, Richard and Robert. We call him Bobbie. He's our other son. He loves his grandfather very much. Well, that's our family, the Stewarts. Did you follow me? Let's see. Who is my daughter? That's it, Susan is my daughter. How about this? Who is Bobbie's grandfather? Malcolm is Bobbie's grandfather. Okay, who is Susan's sister-in-law? Marilyn is Susan's sister-in-law. That's right. Well, that's our family and I love them all.









下面是 Stewarts一家成员的名字。请在方框中找出合适的答案,指出家庭成员之间的关系。将答案写在线上。


《走遍美国》-(课堂教学版)-上册-03 - 苍狼 - 苍狼



《走遍美国》-(课堂教学版)-上册-03 - 苍狼 - 苍狼







《走遍美国》-(课堂教学版)-上册-03 - 苍狼 - 苍狼


1.“I'll be in your city next month. ”

“______. Maybe we can have dinner together. ”

2.“I'm from Washington. ”

“______. I am too. ”

3.“I found a wonderful new job last week. ”


4.“This is a very interesting television program.”

“______. There's nothing else like Fmily Album, U. S. A. ”

5.“I'm still eating.”

“______. We don't have to leave for another hour. ”

6.“Good night. ”

“______. I'll see you in the morning. ”

7.“I heard that you will be taking a vacation next month. ”

“Yes, ______. I need some time off. ”

8.“It's Dad's birthday next week. What can we give him?”

“______! Let's make a family tree for him. ”




阅读下面的句子,看每句话是谁说的。请在空格中填写 Grandpa、Richard、Robbie、Ellen、Marilyn和 Philip。第一句已有答案。

□a. Ellen :That's a great idea, Grandpa!  Philip needs a day off.

□b.______:Oh, I'm sorry Susan isn't here.

□c.______:When can we go fishing?

□d.______:Pleasant dreams.

□e.______:Let's give him our presents----now.

□f.______:You name the day.

□g.______:She called to say the plane was delayed.

□h.______:Ellen and I'll take you to your room.

□I.______:I'd better unpack.

□j.______:From me and Marilyn.

□k.______:Presents----for me?

□I.______:I'm sure glad you're here, Grandpa.

□m.______:We'll go fishing soon, and we'll take your dad with us.

□n.______:This one really brings back memories.





1.Does Philip have the right key?

No, he doesn't. He has the wrong key.

2.Did Grandpa send the wrong key?

Yes, he did.

3.Do Ellen and Philip like the gift?

4.Did the family tree take Grandpa a month to prepare?

5.Did Grandpa's father come from France?

6.Did Susan get to the house too late to see Grandpa?

7.Does Susan look like Grandma?

8.Will Grandpa like living with his family?


















1.Robbie,a                                         4.Robbie,a

2.Robbie,a,b                                    5.Robbie,a

3.Richard,b                                        6.Robbie,a




1.Pleased to meet you

2. Are you married

3.Where are you from


5.Do you have family in New York













1.Small world.

2.take time off


4.my destination

5.Take your time.





2.son, wife, grandchildren

3.can't wait


5.independent, kids, independence, alone


Eisa Tobin


2. excited

4. Permanently








4. brother







1.Look me up

2.Small world


4.That's for sure

5.Take your time

6.Pleasant dreams

7.I can't wait

8.I've got it



a.Ellen                                                 h.Philip

b.Grandpa                                           i.Grandpa

c.Robbie                                             j.Richard

d.Marilyn                                            k.Grandpa

e.Robbie                                              i.Robbie

f.Philip                                                m.Grandpa

g.Ellen                                                n.Grandpa



1.No, he doesn't. He has the wrong key.

2.Yes, he did.

3.Yes, they did.

4.No, it didn't. It took him over a year to prepare.

5.No, he didn't. He came from Germany.

6.No, she didn't. She got there in time to see him.

7.Yes. she does.

8.Yes, he will.


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